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Scientific Dating. 

Scientific dating was a term first made popular by Eharmony. Eharmony came about because of the frustration that was felt by millions of online daters who would spend hours searching through incompatible profiles. The geniuses at Eharmony knew there had to be a better way. The brain child was to have an in-depth questionnaire that would ask people personal questions. Since the answers were all multiple questions, they could match the answers as well as other variables such as proximity, and racial preference.

Some people have complained that this way of doing things might make you miss out on the perfect match if they have different preferences than you. But what needs to be understood is that the match is not just based on preferences such as your favorite past times, but on more important variables such as religious belief. Even your preference for a vacation location, and how often you like to vacation, even as far as if you prefer spontaneous or planned vacations is looked at.

Several other dating websites have since attempted to adopt the model such as Perfect Match.



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