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Is my credit card safe?

All of the dating sites featured here offer encrypted credit card forms. The information is kept confidential and is for billing purposes only.

Am I guaranteed to find a date?

Unfortunately this is impossible to guarantee, as it’s based on too many variables such as the size of your city and your dating preference.

Is this safe? 

Millions of people meet from online dating. We recommend that you do not disclose your address, phone number or any other personal details on your profile. This information should only be disclosed once you trust the individual you are planning to meet, or even better after you have met them. We also recommend that you initially meet in a public location.

What is scientific dating anyway? 

Good question please see our answer here

Is there an even number of men and women? 

We wish, this is probably the most frustrating thing for men as there’s always more males. Women can take advantage of this as it means they have a larger pool of  men to choose from. As for men what you need to remember is to be patient as it will take women longer to respond to you than vice versa.



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