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Canadian Online Dating. 

In the Canadian market the first company on the scene was Lavalife. They didn’t register this domain name until 2001 prior to that they used the domain name webpersonals.com 

Within 5 years lavalife became a power house in the Canadian market which was very profitable for the company. Every year they kept updating and refining the service.

Lavalife was stubborn and they wanted to offer the end user better value. While other companies charge monthly service fees, Lavalife stuck to their guns and instead only charge customers credits when they chose to contact someone. This was a great way of offering superior value. On top of this it was always free to respond to others contacting you.

Eharmony in the meantime was founded by Neil Clark Warren Ph.D. They had the foresight of launching scientific dating which quickly became a popular alternative to the more traditional way of online dating. 

More dating websites such as Perfect Match later continued the scientific dating trend.

As it is online dating continues to expand, especially in Canada where the entire country has embraced the concept. 



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