The excellent blend of online dating service as well as dating real dating app app

Warning 1: those who are looking for techniques to sleep with girls / os on trips, look elsewhere.

Warning 2: prejudiced (like I was) who believe that Tinder is only for sleeping with strangers, the article may interest them.

From a very young age I was very minimalist for interpersonal relationships, especially love ones. Few but good. Pretty conservative. Too much would say. I received thousands of criticisms from a very young age for this issue. I cared very little what the others said, I did mine.

I was never going to use them (or go down to test them). He could not conceive of starting a relationship (of any kind) virtually.

For me, if it had to happen, it would happen and if not, it simply wouldn’t happen.

You didn’t need a tool to facilitate the topic. What’s more, I thought the same as the vast majority of people who have not used these applications (and many who use it daily). I thought it was just to sleep with strangers.

Despite living more and more from day to day, in certain areas of my life I always bet on the long term and love relationships were not (nor are they) the exception. Anything that encouraged that way of thinking, of seeing relationships as transactional, seemed ominous to me and I was not going to prove or support it.

I’d heard a story or two of people dating on Tinder but interpreted them as an exception.

I also have a friend who was looking for short-term transactional relationships and inadvertently ended up adding followers to her blog without receiving anything in return, which was hard for me to understand, but it was real. These cases, however few, showed me that there was another alternative.

But this changed during my last trip. It changed one day that I was bored in the hostel room in Tbilisi (Georgia) and they suggested me to try the app. Not just anyone suggested it to me, but Agustín who was my traveling companion at the time. We were hitchhiking through various countries and we had already become very good friends.

I started with my typical arguments against that way of thinking about love relationships and after a few minutes I ended up giving in.

After all, being rational and pragmatic, Tinder is an app for meeting people who are close to where you are. Point.

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