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After a company’s online interview, I was invited back to the company for a technical interview. I am a new graduate, what technical questions can they ask me? If you have any information, can you enlighten me?

You can get information on this subject from the articles published on human resources sites. However, I think the questions to be directed to a new graduate and an experienced person will definitely be different. A more specific technical question will come to the experienced person to understand what level of his or her experience is. Questions for the new graduate may be rather basic technical knowledge.

Even if we are very experienced, we may not always have an answer for every question. An answer is that you state that you are willing to work in the field you are applying for, interested and open to learning.

I am a senior high school student, as you know, I am preparing for the university entrance exam. I want electrical and electronics engineering since the first year of high school. I’ve been dealing with Arduino for the last 1.5 years. I believe I am interested in science; but inside I am afraid of being unemployed. I have a somewhat introverted production and I believe this will harm my profession. I also have self-esteem issues: thoughts like what if I go wherever I want but fail to succeed sometimes come to mind. My whole circle believes that it will be more accurate for me to study medicine. I am in a time of social confusion. I would be very happy if you could show me a way.

You have decided what you want to do and you have entered into an endeavor in this way. This is very precious, so I congratulate you.

You have stated that you have an environment that expresses that they do not agree with you about university education. Maybe you need to explain more about what you want and why. This can give you a way in their understanding.

You wrote that you have a self-esteem problem; but I see that you were very brave and expressed yourself very well. With such courage, success will always be with you. You have some observations about yourself. It is also very valuable to write your findings here. Perhaps NLP can give you an idea for the roadmap regarding the aspects you want to improve.

I hope that in time we can create new job opportunities for you altogether. As a person interested in science, I hope you grow the same hope.

I am a third year industrial engineering student. I am not studying at a very good university; For this reason, I cannot benefit from areas such as events, language courses and programs where I can improve myself. I know it is up to me to improve myself; but I’m still unsure how to do it. I’m always indecisive about what I should know. Sometimes I get desperate because I know I am lacking in English and self-improvement. How should I go about it? What should I do?

The first subject you will improve yourself for business life -as you said- is English. Even if you do not have the opportunity to attend the course, you can access a lot of resources on the internet. Find work resources (videos, websites, books, etc.) for yourself.

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