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Hello, I’m a mechanical engineering second year student. Since my character is someone who likes traveling and gets bored quickly, I don’t want to work at a desk or in an area where I go to the same place every day. I want a wildly colored space that will satisfy me materially and spiritually, so I think I will reach my professional satisfaction later. Is there any work area or sector that you can recommend to me?

I do not know the material part, but the construction sites are very dynamic and colorful areas in all respects in the construction sector. I believe it is one of the most beautiful ways to create it out of nothing. Their unknowns have always excited me … What will the next project be like, in which city or country the construction site will be established, what problems will be encountered and solved on site other than design …

The marketing sector is also a very dynamic field. Especially in large companies, domestic and international travels, fair organizations or fair trips, meeting with different customers, solving their problems in the best way, etc. He can give you a lively business life as you wish …

I’m a Marmara University mechanical engineering first year student. I have an average of approximately 3.20 defects. I attach importance to my university education and as you know, I struggled with distance education lessons during this period when we closed our house, I have to say that I did not get much efficiency. If the distance education continues next year, I am thinking of freezing my school. Do you think it would be a logical move? Also, it would be wiser for an engineer to learn what applications other than applications such as Solidworks, Autocad, Matlab?

Your GPA is very good, since you care about education, I believe you will continue that way from now on. It is understood from his writings that he has a determined nature. I think instead of struggling with the lessons, you can increase your efficiency by completing the points you think you are missing from open sources, teachers and / or friends … I think freezing the school is not a solution. Since many university students are in the same circumstances, you are “equal among the peers”. Moreover, we cannot predict what will happen in the future … Staying behind from your peers does not make much sense to me.

Workshop lessons are important in our profession. I am sure your school will consider appropriate educational measures for these courses … If you ask my opinion, I would say continue. You can make up your shortcomings somehow.

It is more than enough to know applications such as Solidworks, Autocad, Matlab. There are many drawing programs in the industry. If the company you work with uses a different program, the programs you know will serve as a very good basis for learning a new one. Moreover, companies teach their employees the program they use in a short time with “in-service training”.

I just finished high school, took the university entrance exam. Since my primary school years, my dream and goal was to graduate from METU / ITU mechanical engineering department and become an engineer in ASELSAN and to realize my projects, including now, and strengthen us. (And flying with my own design…) However, right now I have worries if I haven’t succeeded.

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