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Where can we assess this kid? In which part of the section we should do it, what should we do? How can we help it nicely to set up the interest in beautiful places to the electricity? Please answer.

It’s very nice of you to take care of your brother and your future is very nice, I would like to congratulate you on this first. As in every occupation, the ability is very important in engineering. But no ability can be developed without creating the necessary theoretical substructure without training on it. Obviously your brother has the ability to electronics and something. By supporting this ability with a good education, you can try to lead to school lessons by saying that he can win his life in the future and may be a very successful engineer. We are very difficult to improve ourselves enough, as long as we are able to continue their academic education. If you have successful examples of your surroundings, you can introduce them and ensure your brothers are inspired.

I am the 11th grade student. I’m going on over the quarantine period, I’m more confused. I did a lot of research and tried to find the best way to myself. I’m still going on more. Students have always been a successful student in my life and therefore always been awarded the fields of medicine etc, by other people. But I couldn’t ask for a way. Unfortunately, we live in a distressed country and select medicine because many people are guaranteed. I don’t find that right. I don’t want to risk myself and my future and throw my work in trash. I have researches about industrial engineering for a long time and I really think it’s a part of my personality that I can do, what I can do. As a matter of fact, it’s just me. My mother is definitely opposed. It is a part of the business, I guess I think I’m going to ruin my performance and my future. Or as a doctor, as well as warranty and high living standards. I have agreed to me in the surroundings and something in the surroundings that tried to direct me to the health area for a while. But then I noticed that I only agreed to guarantee something and not to be at risk. It wasn’t really what I wanted. I still think so much because as I said, the surroundings think this section is very prestigious. When my mother understands that I don’t want the Health Area, it suggested me to head to the computer and yes this is a beautiful idea but I can’t be sure of it. I will be able to write code, software, programming and other hours that will pass on the computer. Industrial Engineering is also highly wide and as far as I understand a chapter you can develop in many areas. The software is also a section that you can develop in many areas in many areas, and to different different things. In short self-self. I love to make a presentation, to produce and improve, investigate new things. I work hard if I need to work hard and find the time to take time for everything as long as I want. Enough I’ll ask. If I want it from you to give me some ideas on this. A good industrial engineer is also a doctor as successful as another engineer is as successful? And I hope that this rate is not very little because most of the industrial engineers say that most of the employees are working with low salaries.

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